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pop in pop out pop off pop up

pop, pop in, pop out, pop off, pop up


The verb ‘pop‘ is quite common in British English. It is often used with a preposition such as in, out, off or up. The general meaning is to go or leave somewhere briefly or quickly. ‘Pop’ can also be used without a preposition with a similar meaning – to go somewhere briefly or quickly. Sometimes the word ‘just’ is used in the same sentence to stress that it will only be for a short time.

Remember: ‘Pop’ is a verb so we change it for tense and person (conjugate it).



I’m just popping up to Mark’s house. I won’t be long.

I’m popping out of the office for a few minutes. If anyone calls, tell them I’ll phone them back in five or ten minutes.

I’m going to pop to the shop to buy some milk. Do you want anything while I’m there?

I’ll pop next door to ask Pat if the postman has been yet.

Alan pops into the pub for a quick drink everyday after work.

I’ll pop in to see Joanne when I’m in London. I don’t really want to stay there long.

I popped in to see  Margaret yesterday. She said her mother was sick.

Where’s Tom? He’s just popped off to the post office. He’ll be back soon.

I’ll just pop into Tesco to buy a lottery ticket before the bus comes.


Real life example: Samantha Mumba pops in to see sick kids


NB: ‘Pop’ can have other meanings so think about the context of where you hear, read or use it. For example, ‘pop’ a balloon means to burst a balloon, to break a balloon. Another example: ‘pop off’ can mean ‘die’. The old man popped off yesterday = The old man died yesterday.



  1. And “ice pop” means water-ice! 🙂

  2. thank you. I get it 🙂

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