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Idioms: Tie the knot, Up in arms

Idioms: Tie the knot, Up in arms

Tie the knot = get married (‘tie‘ is a verb)

Mary and Tom tied the knot last week. Bill and Nancy are tying the knot next week!

Mary and Tom got married last week. Bill and Nancy are getting married next week!

Up in arms = angry, to be angry (it is used as an adjective)

Russian mothers are up in arms over cuts in maternity benefits

Russian mothers are angry over cuts in maternity benefits

Note: When we use up in arms, we often use the word over before we give the reason for being angry. When used with up in armsover means because of or due to. Russian mothers are angry because of cuts in maternity benefits.

See some real examples of these idioms being used in the news

Tie the knot

Prince William to tie the knot with Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged and will marry next year, it was Clarence House announced yesterday.

Up in arms

Young mums up in arms

Russia’s mothers are up in arms over New Year’s cuts in maternity benefits, which will now be calculated based on a woman’s average income over the last two years, rather than over a single year. Young women have taken to the streets to protest the measures, which could see benefits for pregnancy, childbirth and childcare slashed in half or more in many cases.

Up in arms over pension changes

An armed forces pressure group is hoping to stop the government cutting the value of pensions for the country’s soldiers, sailors and airmen. The Forces Pension Society, with 40,000 former and serving members of the armed forces, is angry about the impending changes to inflation proofing in the armed forces pension scheme.



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