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Idiom: Show up

Idiom: Show up

The meaning of Show up is a bit like arrive/come/go somewhere when something has been arranged previously. The following examples should help you understand the expression.

James didn’t show up for the interview = James didn’t go to the interview.  (The interview was arranged)

I arranged to meet Jason but he didn’t show up. (I arranged to meet Jason but Jason didn’t come/arrive.)

The bride didn’t show up for the wedding! (The wedding was arranged but the bride didn’t go to the church!)

What time did Cathy show up? (= What time did Cathy arrive [for the pre-arranged meeting]?)


  1. I really understand about this idiom! Thanks a lot.

  2. I’m glad it helped you, Jasminena. If you (or your friends) need any help with English, just ask me. I’ll be happy to help. You can leave a request on the blog page about requests:

  3. As usual, very useful idiom, by the way, do you use StumbleUpon? I promoted your site on Stumble too, many thanks for sharing on my wall. Invite your readers to check out my blog. Show up here can be also translated as to appear, and as you just describe the other meanings of the Idiom. Thank you for everything, friend have a wonderful weekend. CArlos from Brazil

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