Posted by: helpforyourenglish | January 20, 2011

Common mistakes learning English

I often see the same mistakes made by different people. Many are easy to fix. I will add them to this post when I see them.

1. xxx I’m agree. xxx I‘m agree. xxx Im agree with you xxx

It should beI agree √ or I agree with you


2. xxx Should of . xxx You should of gone to work. xxx You shouldn’t of done that. xxx

It should be: Should have

I should have gone to work. √  You shouldn’t have done that. √  You should’ve gone to work. √

I think people make that mistake because when spoken at normal speed by native speakers, the sounds are similar.


3. xxx I don’t know, too. xxx

It should be: I don’t know, either


Tom: “Can you tell me who won the World Cup in 1966? Seriously, I don’t know.”

Bill: “I don’t know, either.”


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