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Speaking: Improving fluency


How can you improve your speaking?

There are many ways you can improve your speaking. Here are some of them. You can improve your fluency. You can improve your pronunciation. You can increase your vocabulary so you can talk about more topics. You can improve your conversation skills (how you interact with other people).

Let’s look at the first one – fluency.

Fluency means speaking without stopping too much and without thinking too much. A really fluent person will be able to talk easily about something without thinking about how he or she will say the next word or what vocabulary or grammar to use.

Some people are shy and some people are scared of making mistakes when they speak. Unfortunately, that won’t help your speaking skills. Other people know a lot of language – a lot of vocabulary and a lot of grammar – but when they try to speak, the words don’t want to come out of their mouths.

If you are shy, here is a way to help you – talk to yourself! Yes, really, talk to yourself, or talk to your computer screen, or even talk to a wall, but talk. You have to talk. Sit alone and try to talk for one minute without stopping. Talk about any subject you like, but keep talking. It is easier if you know the topic well so first start talking about yourself. Talk about anything you can remember about yourself. If that is easy for you, the next day try to talk for two minutes, then three, then four. Keep increasing the time you can talk without stopping.

If talking about yourself is too easy, choose another topic. Remember, the aim is to keep talking. If you find that a topic is difficult to talk about, prepare before you speak. Don’t write down something and read it, just write a few words to remind you of the topic/topics. For example: sport and me, football, rugby, karate, Tae kwon do, running. That’s all I need to help me talk about myself for ten or twenty minutes.  When a topic is easy for you to talk about, choose another topic. Keep adding topics to talk about. After a few months you will be able to talk fluently about many topics. After six months or one year, people will tell you how well, how fluently, you can speak English – I guarantee.

If you are not shy, talk to other people in English. Talk to your friends in English or find new friends to talk to in English. You can even talk to people in different countries if you use a phone or the internet. Many people use Skype to chat together so they can practise speaking in English. Whatever you do, good luck.



  1. hi,I will try it because I’m from a country which didn’t speak English, but for my studying, I have to go abroad, and I need to able to speak english, I have just 3months to learn it, if you have more advise for me, please send me a message, thank you

  2. Hi Tojo
    Three months is not a long time to learn a lot of new language but I can see that you can write quite well. You probably know a lot of vocabulary and grammar so all you need to do is teach your brain and your mouth to work together instead of only your brain and hands or fingers! You just need to practise getting the words from your head onto your lips and out into the world for people to hear. Good luck! Let us know how you get on. : )

  3. great really u are great i love ur site i m i m improving alot really love u plz shared alot of these type of text and alos skype id those people want to talk in english

  4. Thank you very much for your kind words, Muhammad. I am very happy when people find my blog useful. That is why I do it – I like helping people. 🙂

    If you need any help with English, you can ask me (on the Request page) and I will try to help.

  5. i love your tips.. i really need to improve my english. Especially on speaking and reading. basicaly, i understood the speakers or any text. unfortunately, i can’t give a good feedback (fluency). however, i read your text loud and it helps my pronunciation. thanks 🙂

  6. Hi! I didn’t realize that you had such a wonderful blog. Really that was marvellous and would be a very very helpful tip for those who want to improve speaking their own respective native language as well. So may have I your permission to have your blog translated into Bahasa Indonesia? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Bambang. Yes, you have my permission to translate it into Indonesian and pass it on to others (or your own blog). Please also link your translated text back to this blog. I am glad you like what I have written, Bambang, and I hope other people find it useful. 🙂

  7. i love English ,but i have a problem in conversation . i cant speak fluently although i know many words and rules of grammar .i think more and more before producing sentences. i attend many classes in conversation ,but i did not participate ,i did not have any role in the classes . my question what i do to be fluent

  8. Hello nona
    Just keep speaking English. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Speak, speak and speak some more until you become comfortable speaking in English. Talk about anything, talk to yourself or talk to your friends and participate in your English conversation classes.

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