Posted by: helpforyourenglish | January 8, 2011

Idioms: Pig out, fingers crossed

Idioms are expressions that have a different meaning from the single words in them, so you have to learn the meaning of an idiom and remember to always think of that idiom as that meaning and not the meaning of the single words in the idiom. Here are two common idioms.

Pig out

Pig out means to eat a lot of food.

If we need to change the verb for tense, we change the word ‘pig’.


“Last night I pigged out at the free buffet.”

“I love pigging out on pizza.”


Fingers crossed

We use the expression cross my/your/her/his fingers or fingers crossed when we hope or want something to happen or not happen. Some people think that if they cross their fingers, they might be lucky. In that way, it can be a bit superstitious.


“Fingers crossed I get the job I applied for.” [= I hope I get the job I applied for].

“Cross your fingers you win the lottery.”

Did you know that the picture/symbol for the UK national lottery is a hand with crossed fingers? Here it is:



  1. I love pigging out on tacos

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