Posted by: helpforyourenglish | January 8, 2011

Hello and welcome

Welcome to Help For Your English.

The idea of this blog is to be a resource to help people who want to  improve their English. I will write about different topics related to English or learning English. I will post my thoughts about learning English and tips to help you learn or improve your English. Some posts might be about grammar, vocabulary, idioms, usage, reading, writing, listening and speaking.  I would love some feedback and I would love it if you request some topics for me to write about. Also, if you want some help on a topic, just ask and I will try to help you.

This blog is a work in progress. To improve the blog, I might change the theme, the layout or the header. I might change the menu names and I might add some widgets. If you have a suggestion for the blog, feel free to ask me.


Small print:

Please be polite and do not spam the blog. Objectionable comments will be deleted.

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